About Us

We have pleasure in introducing ourselves as M/s. Srinath Marketing Private Limited, a company having an established production facility for manufacture of quality tea products. The company is also engaged in wholesale tea marketing. It has been promoted by Shri Gopal Das Bhupta as MANAGING DIRECTOR and Smt. Urmila Bhupta as DIRECTOR.

M/s. Srinath Marketing Private Limited (SMPL), is the company engaged in the manufacturing of packet tea with different brands Registered Brands such as “PARAMOUNT TEA”, “BLUEMOUNT TEA”, “REDMOUNT TEA”,”GOLDCOIN TEA”, "RICHMOUNT TEA", "GREENMOUNT TEA .The company was incorporated on 18.04.1988 and has been engaged in the present line since then.The company has been one of the largest manufacturer of packet tea in the state of Andhra Pradesh and has been a dominant player in the industry. Company is also involved in wholesale trade of loose tea through its existing marketing network in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka.The company is a member of distinguished association “Federation of All India Tea Traders Associations(FAITTA)”. The members of this association comprise of only 50 well known tea manufacturers in India including the likes of Hindustan Unilever Ltd., Tata Tea Ltd. etc. Hence, the promoters of the company are in the enviable network of top tea manufacturers of the country.Installed capacity of the company is 6,00,000 Kgs per annum for manufacture of Packet Tea.The company has acquired industrial land at IDA, Kottur, Mahabubnagar District, Andhra Pradesh . The site is located near National Highway 7 between Hyderabad and Bangalore and is about 10 Kms from new International Airport at Shamshabad. The company has planned to set up its tea manufacturing unit at the proposed site. The proposed site for the Tea Processing Plant is ideal due to following factors
a. Proximity to raw materials.
b. Proximity to consumer hub.
c. Availability of infrastructure facilities like land, power, water communication etc.

After the acquisition of the new plant at Kothur, the installed capacity will be increased to 18,00,000 kgs per annum to fullfill the customer requirements.

The company has recently obtained Importer Exporter Code and is actively considering to explore the possibilities in export market.

Adequate Trading and manufacturing experience of Director and promoter are already into manufacturing and trading of tea products and are successfully running the company since 1988. The main promoters, Mr. Gopal Das Bhupta and other family members are having over 30 years of experience in the tea business, right from production to marketing. Promoters are highly reputed in the industry circles. Large and loyal customer base of. M/s. Srinath Marketing Private Ltd. has been a dominant player in state tea market and already carved a niche market for its products. Over the years, the company has developed a very wide, strong and satisfied base of existing customers. This large customer base has been the main stay of the unit’s profitable functioning and growth. Hyderabad is a huge consumer market for the company’s products. Also, the company has established marketing network all across Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring states of Maharashtra and Karnataka. The acquisition of the Plant has resulted in improving the overall efficiency of the company’s operations and resulting in increase of the profits and better quality products.In all aspects of tea production, consumption and export, India has emerged to be the world leader, mainly because it accounts for 31% of global production. It is perhaps the only industry where India has retained its leadership over the last 150 years. The range of tea offered by India - from the original Orthodox to CTC and Green Tea, from the aroma and flavour of Darjeeling Tea to the strong Assam and Nilgiri Tea- remains unparalleled in the world. There exists a very high demand for Indian Tea all over the world. The total turnover of the tea industry is around Rs. 10,000 crores. Even the domestic market with billion plus population holds a huge potential for the tea business in the country. . There is substantial gap in the Demand and Supply of Tea products in the country, including in Central India. There is a huge demand for Tea Products from the South based States such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala. . The Indian Economy has recovered from the economic slowdown of the last year and is well on its way to posting one of the highest growth rates in the world. This has given a boost to all the sectors of the economy and hence, demand for tea is poised to grow with the unmatched leadership of the Director.

The associate concern of the company is M/s. Hindustan Trade Agency, with Sri Gopal Das Bhupta as the proprietor of the concern established in 1977, is also engaged in Tea manufacturing.